Listen to the imperfects podcast

Teaming up with one of Australia’s most successful comedians, Ryan Shelton, and his very talented brother Josh van Cuylenburg, Hugh has put together a podcast which is all about how perfectly imperfect we all are. Constantly comparing ourselves to others can not only be exhausting, but extremely harmful. However, when we share our struggles, we start to realise that everyone, no matter how successful, has something they are battling with.

In this podcast Hugh will be chatting to a variety of interesting people who will be bravely sharing their struggles and imperfections. Ryan will then join him to discuss some valuable take-aways we can all apply to our own imperfect lives.

Our guests for Season One include musician Missy Higgins, AFL star Jack Watts, TV host Georgie Gardner, entrepreneur Erin Deering and Ryan Shelton.

Episode 6 – Ryan Shelton

In our last episode for 2019, our co-host Ryan switches roles to become the interviewee. Ryan talks about his career and his bold ambitions to write and appear in his own Emmy-winning series. He talks about his early career successes alongside best friend Hamish Blake, and his feelings of disappointment, jealousy and shame when he felt like their two career paths diverged.

Episode 5 – Clare Bowditch

This week Hugh chats to singer, songwriter, actor and now published author, Clare Bowditch. Clare opens up to Hugh about the trauma of losing a family member at a very young age, the pressure to be a certain weight to live up to societal expectations and reaching a low point in her 20s which forced her to take action and seek help.

Episode 4 – Georgie Gardner

This is the fourth podcast featuring TV host Georgie Gardner. Georgie chats candidly with Hugh about the challenges of parenting, dealing with intense public scrutiny, the challenges of screens and disconnection and the pain of seeing her parents going through a divorce at a very young age.

Episode 3 – Erin Deering

This is the third podcast featuring entrepreneur Erin Deering. Erin was the co-founder of Triangl Swimwear, an extremely successful Australian company which revolutionised the way that bikinis are promoted through social media. Erin talks about how the idea was created and evolved with her ex-partner.

Episode 2 – Jack Watts

In this episode, Hugh chats to AFL star, Jack Watts. Jack felt the weight of the world (or at least thousands of Melbourne Dees fans) on his shoulders when he became the number 1 draft pick in 2008. Facing constant criticism for not living up to expectations, he then had to deal with a scandal that broke out involving some compromising photos and questionable behaviour.

Episode 1 – Missy Higgins

Our first guest for the podcast is one of Australia's most decorated singer-songwriters, Missy Higgins. Missy opens up about her struggles with depression, feeling the depths of despair during one of the highest points in her career, the stark realities of parenting and the weight of unrealistic expectations that we all feel in the age of social media.