Our Official Partners

Melbourne University

We are working with a research team at Melbourne Uni to find out more about the benefits of our program.
From 2017, The Resilience Project will be working with a team of psychologists from Melbourne University to evaluate the impact of our program and curriculum on school communities.
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Product Dynamics

We've partnered with Product Dynamics to design and produce our 2018 student planners.
From 2018, students all over Australia can have ongoing access to The Resilience Project curriculum and programs through the student planner created by Product Dynamics.
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Resilient Youth

We've partnered with Resilient Youth who have developed a survey specifically designed to measure the resilience of young Australians.
Resilient Youth have surveyed over 180,000 Australians to establish mental health and resilience profiles for schools all over the country. Our partnership schools now undertake this survey to inform our programs and ensure our presentations are customised to the school’s needs.
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